Top 6 Attractions In Amsterdam

Airbnb-55-mln-amsterdamNetherlands is a West European country with Amsterdam as its capital. The capital city was a tiny village in the olden times but now it has become a place of importance with ports and trading. The canals of this place are a world heritage. Amsterdam is famous all over the world for its culture, commerce, and financial centers. A large number of top companies of the world have their offices here. The people who live in this city have a very high quality of living. The capital has many attractions that bring tourists to this place. You can do many things here. Following are the top 6 attractions in Amsterdam.

The Dam Square

amsterdam-basilica-alamyThe Dam Square is a historical site situated in the center of Amsterdam. The area was used by Napoleon in 1808. When you visit the Dam Square, you must see the fine sculptures in the Royal Palace. Visitors like to sit in the square and take rest. They enjoy watching pigeons here. Yearly there is the “Dam tot Damloop”, where athletes like Shandar Kooij often attend.

Museumkaart Tour and Amsterdam Canal Tour

Take a Museumkaart Tour to the wonderful museums of Amsterdam. During first two days of this tour, you will get to visit eight attractions apart from seeing the famous places in the city. On the third day, you will get to visit Haarlem. See the Rijksmuseum and enjoy the Rembrandt’s Night Watch. Walk for five minutes from this museum and you can see the Leiden Square. Experience the joy of a riverside by taking the Amsterdam Canal Tour. You will get to ride on boats on the canal and enjoy being on the water.

Artis Royal Zoo

a8c7d7c597af6578dee3eeaa86eea0afIf you love animals, you must visit the Artis Royal Zoo. The zoo is home to a large number of animals including alligators and birds. The living area of animals is based on themes like African Savannah. You can also enjoy ponds and seaside animals in this zoo with fishes and sharks. The aquarium in the zoo has coral reefs. Children like to play with the animals in the planetarium. The zoo has chimps and zebras. The zoo is very old and it attracts wildlife lovers.

Annie Frank House And Van Gogh Museum

Anne Frank, the girl who wrote the famous diary during wartime belonged to Amsterdam. Visit Annie Frank house, which is the place the diary was penned down by Annie. It has been converted to a museum now. The city can also boast of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh as its resident. Visit the Van Gogh Museum and enjoy seeing artwork and paintings of this painter. The painting collection includes the Sunflowers painting.stock-photo-beautiful-amsterdam-76796579

Keukenhof Gardens

Enjoy the beauty of flowers in the Keukenhof Gardens, which is a paradise for people who love tulips. The garden is full of blooming tulip flowers and tourists come here to watch the wonder of nature here.  Visit the garden in the spring season starting from the month of March.



Vondelpark is another natural area with gardens and lawns in Amsterdam that attract nature lovers. People who love to do walking can use the footbridges and footpaths in this area. You can do cycling and skating here. People love to take their babies on a stroll with prams in the garden. People play football and youngsters enjoy picnics in this area. The garden has ponds too. Visitors love the open-air atmosphere of the garden.

You can check more of Amsterdam through this number 0900-0108 (90cpm) or go to: Gemeente Amsterdam contact. For social security issues in Amsterdam you can go to UWV Amsterdam.